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Message from the Director

Lisa | Owner and Director of Elevate Beauty Institute of Cosmetology

The beauty industry has been my life for 27 years. I have been fortunate enough to spend those years looking at the industry from many different angles and becoming well connected as a service provider, a salon and spa consultant and educator for several manufacturers. People who choose our industry get to partake in some of the worlds most empowering work.

Our craft goes beyond transforming an individual’s appearance. We, as beauty professionals, can alter the way a person feels; instilling confidence, pride, sensuality and love by showing them the true beauty they have inside and out.

I have an undeniable passion to share my vision and help shape our students into the most polished salon and spa professionals in the industry. We succeed in developing our students into highly sought after graduates because professionalism, attitude and skill are at the forefront of everything we do.

With hand picked instructors, small class sizes and high quality products and services, we are proud to have created a warm, boutique style school that will ELEVATE each and every student and the beauty industry as a whole.

Our standards are high and we do not compromise on quality. We limit our intakes per year and provide superior student kits that will last into your professional career. We reserve space for individuals who are ready for multi layered learning that envelops the person as a whole to find the greatness in themselves. We are not the least expensive choice for your education but we wholeheartedly believe we offer you the most value.

It is my personal promise that at Elevate Beauty Institute of Cosmetology, we will offer the support you need to reach your dreams, achieve your potential and own your success.

Warmest Regards,

Lisa Silliker

Our Mission

At Elevate Beauty are highly passionate about the beauty industry and believe in elevating like minded individuals to their highest potential, creating the most polished spa professionals in the industry. We believe in exposing our students to a wide range of the highest quality products and equipment ensuring students are up to date with the latest technologies, services and products.

Why Chose Us?

  • The most highly qualified teachers

  • Small class sizes for the best individual attention

  • Full working spa/salon with ample space for every student

  • Up to date and advanced products and services

  • High quality and above average student kits

  • Friendly down to earth environment

  • Very hands on staff including the director and owner

  • Big city education in a small town